Outdoor Stand-Alone Bullet Traps

Paragon Tactical Bullet Containment System - Stand-Alone System(Additonal Pictures Below)

Please see below for the most important "check in the box" for your organization.


  • The sustainability of the Paragon Tactical Bullet Containment System (PT BCS) is unmatched. 
  • Installing, or upgrading to a GEL-COR® range, enables the bullet trap system to turn into an environmentally friendly revenue generating stream instead of an operational hazardous waste expenditure.  
  • The SACON® Shock Absorbing Concrete and Ballistic Rubber Media (BRM) carries a 40-50 year life expectancy.
  • PT BCS enables real range operating cost savings by lowering long term and short term maintenance costs.
  • Fired bullets remain intact and gravitate towards lower regions; allowing for ease of collection and eventual sale to recyclers/smelters. 
  • PT BCS would not require mining until 25k to 30k (average) were fired per linear foot, based on a 10 foot vertical berm.
  • The PT BCS allows range owners to improve waste compliance, reduce hazardous waste disposal and improve employee health issues.


  • The PT BCS creates a safer environment for shooters.
  • The PT BCS instantly and safely captures bullets whole, thereby eliminating the problem of bullet ricochets and airborne lead from bullet fragmentation. 
  • The bullets are captured by the GEL-COR® (patented product) coated rubber chunk media, turning it into a Class-A fire retardant. 
  • GEL-COR® is a mixture of a hydrated super-absorbent polymer gel and other non-toxic additives.
  • The GEL-COR® mixture is applied to a specific rubber chunk media, free of all metal and fibre contaminants.  This resilient material stops incoming bullets and captures them intact with few exceptions. 
  • The PT BCS will capture up to a .50 caliber BMG tactical and tracer round.
  • The Ballistic Rubber Media (BRM) is also treated with a proprietary ELIxIR® which turns metal dust, which could be created, into an all-natural inert mineral called Plumbogummite.


  • Loraday and Paragaon Tactical are committed to protecting the environment through this industry leading green range design.  From the premium grade quality and quantity of the recycled rubber utilized, to the proprietary lead inhibiting chemistry of the non-toxic range additives, and the kinetic physics behind these systems, Loraday and PT consistently offer a green solution for range owners and other pertinent stakeholders.
  • PT BCS will all but eliminate the problem of airborne lead dust and ground water lead contamination as the bullets are captured and contained within the ballistic rubber media, aka GEL-COR® (less than 3 ppm).
  • GEL-COR® is an engineered ballistic material designed to collect impacting bullets fired on small arms training ranges in a safe and environmentally compatible way.  It captures the spent bullets and contains the heavy metals that would otherwise escape into the environment.
  • When the binding agent (ELIxIR®) comes into contact with metal dust created from a fragment shot, it will bond with the metal dust creating an all-natural inert mineral called Plumbogummite.  Therefore, there is no runoff effluent.
  • PT BCS puts an end to environmental contamination!


  • The Paragon Tactical Bullet Containment System (PT BCS) is helpful in attenuating noise levels.
  • When a bullet is shot into the Ballistic Rubber Media (BRM), the bullet is captured whole; therefore, limiting sound when compared to earthen berms / steel traps.


  • Fired bullets remain intact and gravitate towards lower regions; allowing for ease of collection and eventual sale to recyclers / smelters.  
  • Lead ammo and other bullet trap materials in the range backstop shall be mined out and recycled, while the GEL-COR® Ballistic Rubber Media (BRM) would be returned to the range backstop.
  • The Paragon Tactical Bullet Containment System (PT BCS) would not require mining until 25k to 30k rounds were fired per linear foot, based on a 10 foot vertical berm.  
  • By recycling the recovered rounds to a metal recycler (part of the service), the range owner can pay for the mining and still have money left over, thus the range becomes a revenue generator as well.
  • Reduced down time for mining: PT BCS will require 2 days (approximately) to mine the range.
  • Through advanced engineering and design, the PT BCS virtually eliminates hazardous lead and other metal dust. This translates to no major HAZMAT clean up.
  • All maintenance of the BRM shall be performed from the front side of the bullet trap. 
  • The PT BCS does not have a curtain or fascia material which would need to patched or replaced.


  • PT BCS incurs no additional costs with the removal or recycling of hazmat material. 
  • Current earthen berms have associated costs with the hazardous waste removal and recycling. 


  1. GEL-COR®:  Bullets are captured by the GEL-COR® (patented product) coated rubber chunk media.  The GEL-COR® is a resilient material that stops incoming bullets, captures them intact with few exceptions, and does not leave any detectible metal dust. 
  2. ELIxIR®:  A binding agent that when in contact with metal duct created from a fragment shot, will bond with the metal dust creating an all-natural mineral compound.
  3. SACON® - Shock Absorbing Concrete (patented product): An engineered concrete and development process to manufacture specialty foam filled concrete blocks and structures. Using a concrete alkaline, SACON® can minimize and prevent lead leaching and carries a 40 - 50 year life expectancy.  SACON® concrete reduces the density from standard concrete, which is 150 pounds per cubic feet, to 60 to 90 pounds per cubic feet.  SACON® accomplishes this density by the entrained air bubbles.  This allows incoming projectile to be absorbed without spalling the concrete. SACON is ideal for military and certain law enforcement applications that require extensive ballistic protection with a Class A fire resistance in a small footprint.


  • The Ballistic Rubber Media (BRM) allows for safe “Tactical” training within 2 feet of trap.
  • Added training capability for range staff.
  • Improved operator weapons skills.
  • Allows for cross lane shooting.
  • No ricochet and fragment splash back.
  • Enhanced operator safety during training and in the field.
  • Lower liability for the owner.


  • Adverse weather conditions such as high winds (90 mph) and snow have no adverse effect on the performance of the bullet trap system.


  • Working with Loraday Environmental Products offers an experienced range provider that can coordinate the various and applicable project scopes of work to minimize interference and deliver a safe and effective live fire range environment.