Hazmat Buildings

Loraday markets Canadian made, ULC designed and FM Approved buildings for storage, dispensing and/or batching of hazardous and household dangerous goods. These Hazmat buildings are ideal for flammable liquids, chemicals, pesticides, and battery storage to name a few.

All of the Hazmat buildings are constructed according to the Building, Fire, and Electrical Code, along with the Environmental Protection Regulation and Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations. Lastly, these Hazmat buildings are able to be custom manufactured for all of your facility’s individual applications.

Selling Features:

  • - Pre-fabricated ULC designed and FM Approved - Independent Testing
  • - 1/3 of the price compared to building your own concrete building
  • - Portable- if you change operations or move you can take the building with you
  • - Customized to meet your own needs
  • - Compact space - 4 drums/pallet - can stack 2 high available - roll up doors to accommodate
  • - Send the MSDS of all products to be stored and our product specialists here at Loraday are able to ensure:
  •               Fire protection
  •               Code compliance issues
  •               Location and placement
  • - Product specialists can arrange for all AHJ’s (Authorities Having Jurisdiction)

Click here for more details on Loraday's chemical storage assessment services. 

FM Approved Storage Building