PEAC-WMD is an easy-to-use software tool providing the necessary emergency response information to make quick and informed decisions to protect first response personnel and the public. The PEAC software provides on hand information complied form a number of references with very fast recall. The PEAC tool is deigned as a pocket or hand-held computer application and database.


The PEAC Software application offers vital information from a number of sources, including NIOSH, NFPA, AIHA, MSDS, and DOT for over 10,000 chemicals and synonyms searchable by chemical name, UN number, or CAS number including:

  •     NFPA Hazard Rating Designations
  •     Fast access to procedures and recommendations for 62 chemical classes
  •     Protective Action Distances based on LOC
  •     Specific Chemical Protective Clothing information from manufactures
  •     Chemical and Physical properties such as flash point, boiling point, lower explosion limit, etc.
  •     NIOSH Guidebook respirator recommendations
  •     Responders Protection Information
  •     Chemical toxicity and properties
  •     Respirators Recommendations
  •     Chemical Protective Clothing
  •     Integrated Tools for Public Protection
  •     Crisis Management

PEAC-WMD is site adaptable.  Protective action distances are provided for spills of toxic chemicals, based on:

  •     Chemical or UN number input
  •     Site conditions
  •     Source parameters
  •     IDLH, TWAm STELm ERPG or user-specified level of concern