Thawrox™ Treated Salt

Get More Mileage Out of Your De-Icing Resources

A premium salt pre-treated with liquid magnesium chloride and a viscosity modifier that keeps salt from bouncing off the road or blowing away in the wind. The result is fewer application trips along with lower fuel and labour costs. Thawrox™ lasts longer and works in colder temperatures.

Using Thawrox instead of untreated salt reduces applications by 20-30% per storm. That equals lower labor and equipment maintenance costs – so your de-icing dollars go further than ever before.

Benefits of Using Thawrox™

  • - An Environmental Solution
  •         Awarded the Design for the Environment (DfE) label by the EPA for its many environmental benefits
  • - Handling without the hassle
  •         Pre-mixed for a precise, evenly blended product that uniformly covers 100% of the rock salt
  • - Faster melting action at lower temperatures (Performs to -15°F (-26°C))
  • - Less corrosion on equipment
  • - Less bounce and scatter

Thawrox Treated Salt Spreading Comparison               

  • - Traditional rock salt bounces around and flies off the road with wind and traffic movement.
  • - Thawrox stays where it's spread, reducing the amount of product needed to clear the roads