ProMelt Slicer Enhanced

Green. Ehanced. Easy to Use. 

ProMelt Slicer Enhanced is a natural complex chloride blend that is treated with an organically based performance enhancer designed specifically to reduce bounce and scatter, increase the speed at which the salt begins to work and enable the salt to continue working at lower temperatures. Each granule is completely encapsulated with a blend of magnesium chloride and a viscosity modifier producing effective, longer-lasting melting performance that will reduce overall usage by as much as 25%.*

Product Features:

  • - Emits less chlorides into the environment
  • - Helps to protect your equipment from corrosion caused by salt.
  • - Less harmful to concrete and the environment due to its low alkalinity.
  • - 100% natural
  • - Low toxicity (LD50)
  • - Longer lasting residual effect, reducing reapplication frequency.
  • - Performs to -6˚F (-21˚C).
  • - Appealing colour prevents over application.