Safety Knifes

If box cutter safety is your #1 concern then Loraday offers a full line of safety box cutters to suit your needs.    

The New Standard for Box Cutting Safety! This ambidextrous cutter is designed to be easy to use and safe.

Easy Cut 4000 offers superior performance & long-lasting use.

A Reusable Pocket Cutter Offering Full Auto-Retraction!

The high-strength steel blade slices through cardboard easily and cuts over 5,000 feet of material which is 800 boxes on average.

Easy Cut Blades do not chip and offer a sharp edge for up to 5,000 feet of cuts, slicing through cardboard cleanly and easily every time!

Two Cutters In One! Disposable Film Cutter with Bladeless Tape Splitters.

Spring Back Handy Cutter: Convenient, Lightweight and Ambidextrous. Replaceable Blades.