Easy Cut 2000 Box Cutter

The New Standard for Box Cutting Safety!

This ambidextrous cutter is designed to be easy to use and safe.  The front of the cutting edges have been dulled to protect the user and the product inside the boxes.  There is onboard storage for two blades within the Easy Cut Cutter; therefore, minimizing downtime for blade changes.

How to use:

Blade Activation: Squeezing the trigger on the Easy Cut Box Cutter will extend the blade. To begin the cut, squeeze the trigger just prior to engaging the box. After cutting begins, it is not necessary to continue to squeeze the trigger as the cutting itself keeps the blade engaged. The blade with automatically retract into the cutter when the cut is complete.

Blade depth setting: There are three blade depth settings on the Easy Cut Box cutter. Setting (1) is for cutting single wall boxes. Setting (2) is for double wall boxes. Setting (3) is for all other cutting, including triple wall boxes used for appliance packaging.  Setting (L) is for storing the blade inside the cutter.