Easy Cut 3000 Box Cutter

Safety Knife with Vanishing Blade Technology

Easy-Cut 3000 offers patented "blade vanishing technology," enabling the blade to instantly retract inside the unit when cutting stops – protecting the user every time!  This knife also offers a patented radius-blunt tip blade and multiple blade-depth settings to easily slice through any cardboard box.  A gentle squeeze of the ergonomic handle extends the blade naturally, reducing repetitive thumb motion injury common with other box cutters.  The convenient edge guide enables clean accurate top cuts, and slides back into locked position when cutting is complete.  A unique snap-on lanyard and holster with 360-degree rotation ensure secure placement on a belt loop – reducing injury and down-time looking for lost cutters.  On-board storage for back-up blades ensures quick and easy blade changes!  Sturdy, lightweight and always reliable, Easy-Cut 3000 is the safest box cutter you’ll ever buy!

Details & Specifications:

  •     Blade-vanishing technology (Auto Retract)
  •     Radius-blunt tip blade
  •     Three blade-depth settings
  •     Ergonomic handle
  •     Ambidextrous edge-guide
  •     Snap-on lanyard and holster
  •     Back-up blade storage
  •     Tape splitter
  •     Easy Cut 3000 Dimensions: 7”L x 1.5”D x 2”H - Unit Weight: 4 oz

May We Suggest

Easy Cut Blades do not chip and offer a sharp edge for up to 5,000 feet of cuts, slicing through cardboard cleanly and easily every time!