LoraZorb Solidifier

"The Ultimate Liquid Solidifier"

LoraZorb is the only liquid solidifier that captures both hydrocarbons and water at the same time and effectively works on any liquid or semi-liquid.

The solidifier is perfect for any size job saving you time, money and disposal fees.


  •     Non-WHMIS Controlled
  •     Decreases volume drastically in comparison to traditional methods
  •     Fewer loads mean lower transportation costsDeveloped and manufactured in Canada
  •     Passes paint filter test (EPA9095), when used properly
  •     Strong ion exchange capability allowing for heavy metal binding
  •     Non-Biodegradable (40CFR264.314(e)(ii))
  •     Made in Canada

Packaging Configurations: 1.2 Cu. Ft. Bags or 5L Shaker Jugs


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Pure melt blown polypropylene fibers are the most cost-effective absorption technology today. Dimensions are 8" x 10'.