Myers Waste Oil Storage Tanks

Myers is a Canadian owned company who manufactures ULC listed double wall waste storage tanks. The Myers Tanks are ideal for oils, waste oils, solvents, waste solvents, antifreeze, waste antifreeze, etc. As well, it has a variety of optional features and different systems available for ease of use.

Myers Tanks are above ground contained tank systems engineered to provide long-term, safe and reliable storage of used oil and other environmentally hazardous petroleum products. These storage systems may also be converted for new product storage and dispensing. The Myers Tank storage system includes a complete line of products that provide ideal storage solutions for just about any marine, industrial or military application.

Containment Sizes:

  • Standard Duty (S.D.) Secondary Containment - The S.D. Myers Tanks are recommended for areas that do not expose the tank system to any potential impacts.
  • Standard Duty Containment Sizes: 500L, 1,000L, 1,500L, 2,000L and 2,500L
  • Medium Duty (M.D.) Secondary Containment - The M.D. Myers Tanks are recommended for areas where light traffic exists, such as cars, light trucks and small equipment. As well, these tanks are designed to withstand mild impacts.
  • Medium Duty Containment Sizes: 1,000L, 1,500L, 2,000L, and 2,500L
  • Heavy Duty (H.D.) Secondary Containment - The H.D. Myers Tanks are recommended for high traffic areas where impacts may be expected, such as construction sites and woodland operations.
  • Heavy Duty Containment Sizes: 1,500L , 2,000L, and 2,500L