Easy Cut Replacement Blades

Replacement Blades for Easy Cut Box Cutters

Easy Cut blades are manufactured with the highest quality carbon steel and provide up to three-times longer lasting use. Each blade features a patented radius tip which helps to prevent injury and product damage when cutting. Blades do not chip and offer a sharp edge for up to 5,000 feet of cuts (800 boxes on average), slicing through cardboard cleanly and easily every time! Replacement blades come in an easy-to-open dispenser that can also be used to store worn-out blades for future recycling. Each individual packet contains 3 blades: 1 for the Easy Cut Box Cutter’s main blade carriage, and 2 which can be placed in the spare blade compartment. Each Blade Dispenser contains 81 double sided blades per dispenser.


May We Suggest

The New Standard for Box Cutting Safety! This ambidextrous cutter is designed to be easy to use and safe.

Easy-Cut 3000 offers patented "blade vanishing technology," enabling the blade to instantly retract inside the unit when cutting stops.

Easy Cut 4000 offers superior performance & long-lasting use.