SACON® Shock Absorbing Concrete

Shock Absorbing Concrete, or  SACON® , is an engineered concrete and development process to manufacture specialty foam filled concrete blocks and structures. SACON® is ideal for military and certain law enforcement applications that require extensive ballistic protection with a Class A fire resistance in a small footprint.

While most commonly deployed in military live fire shoot house configurations due to SACON’s superior performance in grenade and incendiary environments, SACON® is also ideally suited for perimeter containment of outdoor range berms, or as a shooting range backstop toe wall to minimize the overall footprint of the firing range bullet trap. SACON® contains no coarse aggregate and uses a fiber for additional bonding and strength. Construction / fabrication techniques used to make Shock Absorbing Concrete are similar to conventional concrete for molding precast blocks and panels or forming cast-in-place product volumes.

SACON® is used on facilities such as:

  • Live fire training structures – for tracer ammunition, incendiary and grenade training.
  • Range Bullet Traps – as a primary range backstop or for perimeter containment around ballistic rubber media.
  • Security Checkpoints – for bomb protection and insulation.
  • Blast Environments – for capturing various kinds of fragmentation and shrapnel while preventing concrete spalling.
  • Custom Configurations – for exotic DOD, laboratory and scientific small arms testing and ballistic analysis.

Upon impact the entrained air cells collapse to absorb the incoming projectile. SACON® utilizes a concrete alkaline environment that minimizes, and can even prevent, lead leaching.

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