Paragon Tactical Bullet Containment Systems

Outdoor Applications

Paragon Tactical (PT) Bullet Containment Systems are the world’s premiere tactical shooting range containment, which improves shooter safety and training, reduces costs, and minimizes environmental hazards. These systems and designs implement years of experience and knowledge gained from law enforcement, military, engineering, and scientific personnel.

PT Bullet Containment Systems can be built to fulfill every shooting need and have been thoroughly tested and approved by the Department of Defense. You can contact us for the test data!

Contact the Loraday sales team for further information into the Paragon Tactical Bullet Containment Systems. 



May We Suggest

The Paragon Tactical ballistic media is clean and free from contaminates such as steel and fiber!

Gel-CorŪ and ELIxIRŪ (Engineered Ballistic Rubber Media)

SACON is a medium-density, fiber-reinforced, shock absorbing concrete.