TTS Remote Pump Station

A Safe & Cost Effective Solution for Transferring Product

An economical and safe Air Operated Remote Pumping Station adapted to the reality of service shops and industrial work environments. Primarily built to transfer lubricating fluids, it can also be used with a wide variety of liquids such as anti-freeze and used oil. 

Pump Station Design Features:

  • - Air-operated diaphragm pump c/w high or low alarm
  • - Quick, efficient and safe pump package
  • - Manufactured to pump & transfer the following:
  •           - Used oils, engine oils, hydraulic fluids
  •           - Diesel and other similar combustible liquids
  •           - Anti-freeze, water and much more
  • - High or low level alarm stops air supply to pump
  • - Visual and sound alarm, test button, manual operation
  • - Available with pump timer so you don’t have to wait next to unit, timer will shut down pump
  • - Optional pump stand available 

Wall Mount Funnel Standard Features:

  • - Fabricated from 1/8” steel or aluminum
  • - Removable 1/4” perforated filter plate
  • - Sludge trap
  • - 3/4” line fittings and 3/4” non-drip, male, quick disconnect
  • - Steel blast clean and paint, 5 mil dry fi lm, high gloss epoxy (steel model only)
  • - Optional lockable cover and hinge
  • - Optional seal and anti-splash guard
  • - Optional funnel stand available