MYERS Remote Pump Station & Wall Mount Funnel

Designed as an optional addition to the Myers Tank System, the pump station features a 3/4” air operated diaphragm pump, mounted to a dedicated control panel with all air-operated controls. This air-operated system eliminates the potential fire and explosion hazards commonly associated with electrically-operated systems. In-tank safety shut-down controls automatically stop pumping once the tank has reached full capacity. Emergency back-up shut-down is accomplished by means of a spill tube and signal generator which shuts down the pump and sounds an alarm if the overfill back-up system is activated.

The Pumping Station is Comprised of:

  • - A 3/4" air-operated diaphragm pump with 16 gallons per minute capacity, complete with wall mount air-operated control panel.
  • - A tank-end pump control assembly including primary float-valve shut off and emergency shut down/alarm system.
  • - A pick-up line with filter screen and quick-coupling connector.

Optional Pump Station Accessories Include:

  • - A wall mount funnel assembly with 9-gallon (35 liter) capacity, lockable cover, filter plate and sludge trap.
  • - A pick-up wand complete with male quick-coupling and wall mount bracket.