Fuel Tank Normal Vent Pipe – Assembly 

A normal vent pipe assembly will enable a storage tank to breath during filling or emptying. Threaded onto the primary tank, it requires to be correctly sized for your tank capacity.

  • Directs vapors outward and upward in accordance with NFPA 30.
  • Protects the vent line from debris and insects.
  • Water-resistant rain cap sheds water away from the vent line.
  • Slip-on design with set screws for easy installation. Slide onto a standard size pipe.
  • Internal drain channels water penetration out through weep hole.
  • For fuel and gasoline or any tanks requiring a vent pipe.
  • Up-draft vent installed on top end. Protect against foreign objects, rain and snow. Screen included.
  • Use on UL-142 or ULC-S601 storage tanks.
  • Threaded (NPT male) at bottom end.