Paragon Tactical Clearing Box

Paragon Tactical's Clearing Boxes are the ideal choice for clearing firearms in police departments, firing ranges or any place firearms need to be safely loaded or unloaded.  It can also be used in crime lab testing.

The CB-100 is capable of handling up to .454 Casull. The CB-150 can accommodate up to and including .460 Weatherby Mag.  The Paragon Tactical Clearing Boxes reduces liability associated with conventional clearing stations such as sand barrels. 


Box: 12" x 12" x 18" - Approx. Weight: 102 lbs.
Box: 18" x 18" x 24" - Approx. Weight: 225 lbs
Stand - Approximate Weight: 35 lbs.
Stand - Approximate Weight: 65 lbs.
Model References:
CB 100 & Stand / CB 100 Replacement Face
Model References:
CB 150 & Stand / CB 150 Replacement Face
Capable up to and including: .454 Casull
Capable up to an including: .460 Weatherby Mag