Chemical Storage Assessment

Our trained representatives will come out to your location and provide a primary storage assessment. The storage assessment is designed to identify most non conformance issues to the Canadian legislative requirements for proper storage and dispensing of dangerous goods and hazardous materials. Within the assessment we deal with:

  • - Spatial separation
  • - Spill control
  • - Spill response
  • - Dispensing
  • - Bonding and grounding
  • - Tank usage and proper installation
  • - Piping system conformance to the OFC and TSSA requirements
  • - Structural sufficiency
  • - Explosion venting
  • - Safety eyewash and shower installations conformance to ANSI standards and other items that may affect your liability and exposure to potential fines and imprisonment due to non-conformance to the OFC, OBC
  • - Electrical safety code provisions
  • - The MOL industrial establishments regulations and the MOE hazardous materials regulations and guidelines

Our assessment will save you money while ensuring you understand what is needed to achieve a level of compliance to the codes, regulations, standards and guidelines dealing with storage and dispensing of dangerous goods.

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